• U-Knighted!
    Click here to listen to an .mp3 of our school song as sung by the Singing Knights
     Verse 1
    We’re gonna be growing.
    We’re gonna be knowing.
    We’ll show responsibility, yeah!
    We’ll listen to each other.
    We’ll help one another.
    We’ll show cooperation.
    We’re gonna greet every morning
    With a smile on our face,
    And feel like we’re ready for the day.
    We’re gonna walk through the halls
    With our heads held up high,
    And mean every word that we say.
    We are the students of Newtown,
    Where kids show respect.
    We’re always growing and learning,
    Yes that is correct.
    We know that manners matter
    We’ll do what is right.
    We are the New, New, New, New, New,
    Newtown Knights!
    Verse 2
    We’ll make new friends.
    The fun never ends.
    We’ll show our sportsmanship today, yeah!
    We’ll make the right choices.
    We’ll find our voices
    Showing respect along the way.
    We know the way, know the way
    manners matter
    Know the way, know the way
    manners matter
    Yeah, yeah, manners matter
    Yeah, yeah, manners matter