• Fourth Grade Overview


    I.                   Reading


    A.   Independent Reading (select book, set goal, provide evidence, teacher conference)


    B.    Instruction

    1.       Whole group – mini lessons

    2.     Small, flexible group instruction/guided reading and literature circles

    3.     Independent reading with set goals and teacher conferencing


    C.    Novels

    The War with Grandpa             Stone Fox

    Sarah, Plain and Tall                  Thunder at Gettysburg

    Misty at Chincoteague              The Castle in the Attic

    Howliday Inn                              A Taste of Blackberries

    The Trouble with Tuck              TroubleRiver


    D.   Making Meaning – Teaching comprehension strategies and social skills


    E.    Houghton Mifflin/Journeys – Literature & skill based/guided reading


    II.                 Writing


    A.   Writing Workshop

    1.       Prewriting

    2.     First Draft

    3.     Revising

    4.     Editing

    5.     Peer Conference

    6.    Teacher Conference

    7.     Publishing


    A.   Topic Papers

    1.       Personal Narrative

    2.     Persuasive Essay

    3.     Descriptive Essay

    4.     Research Report

    5.     Story/Fiction

    6.    Instructions


    B.    Word recognition (spelling)

    1.       High frequency words

    2.  Pre-test/Weekly Test

    C.    Handwriting – cursive writing


    III.              Mathematics

    A. Bridges

    1.       Graphing data

    2.     Whole numbers and decimals

    3.     Multiplying/dividing

    4.     Geometry

    5.     Fractions and mixed numbers

    6.    Measurement

    7.  Mental math, Estimation and Number sense

    B.    Manipulative materials

    1.       Problem solving

    2.     Reasoning

    3.     Critical Thinking

    4.     Work Place Investigations

    5.     Number Corner 


    IV.             Science

    A.   FOSS- Magnets and Electricity)

    B.    Land and Water

    C.    Ocean and Land Animals( millipedes, crabs and frogs)



    V.               Social Studies

    A.   Pennsylvania and the regions of the United States

    B.    State Fair Project – Each student is assigned a state that they will research by completing a variety of projects.

    C.    Class Trips

    1. Churchville Nature Center (Lenni-Lenape Village)