• Proofreading Checklist



    Have you spelled all of the words correctly?

    Have you used the dictionary?

    (Read your writing backwards one word at a time when you check for spelling. Then you can't help but focus on eachword and check it for spelling.)


    Does each sentence end with an end punctuation mark?

    Have you placed commas before the conjunctions and, but, or in compound sentences?

    Have you used commas to set off items in a series?

    Are apostrophes in place to show possession or to mark contractions?

    Have you properly punctuated any conversation with quotation marks?


    Have you started sentences and conversation with a capital letter?

    Have you capitalized specific people, places, or things?


    Have you misused any of the commonly mixed homonyms such as there, their, they.re, to, too, two, its, it.s, our, are, your, you.re?


    Do your subjects and verbs agree?

    Have you kept your verb tenses consistent?

    Have you used any sentence fragments or run-on sentences?

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