• High Frequency Words that all first graders need to know
    all                     I                           jump                         run                       the
    time                  and                        cat                           dog                      fast
    one                   two                        three                        went                     a
    have                  my                         our                           see                       we
    with                  but                        for                           is                          it
    not                    you                        will                          am                        he
    came                 he                          me                           said                       too
    in                     out                         plant                        put                        six                     
    then                 do                           here                         its                        need
    so                    this                         where                       go                         long
    many                of                           on                           people                     walk
    call                 eat                          fish                          say                         too
    as                   be                            big                          could                      tree
    under              when                       your                         at                            back
    her                  house                      how                          more                       over
    down              had                          him                           if                           she
    before           can                           each                         from                      good
    like                made                        they                          day                        did
    help               little                         make                         there                      were
    who               get                            great                         look                       them
    us                  again                         no                             off                        some
    sun                try                             very                          any                        much
    how               than                          that                           way
Last Modified on March 13, 2008