•  First Grade Supply List 10


    Materials can be dropped off during the Meet and Greet (suggested) or on the first day of school.  For first grade you will need…
    • A pack of four  #2 yellow pencils ( sharpened if possible)
    • Two folders:  plastic, two pocket, no prongs, labeled with your child's name, select a personal design
    • A red folder:  plastic, two pocket, no prongs, labeled with your child's name
    •  approx. 4 white glue sticks
    • A small pack of washable markers (thin)
    • Two containers of baby wipes ( no bleach wipes, please)
    • Crayons or Twistable Crayons( no bigger than a 64 pack) and a pack of thin markers
    • A pencil box to hold erasers, pencils, highlighters and dry erase markers AND a crayon box to hold your art supplies such as markers and crayons ( they must fit in your desk)
    • scissors ( child friendly)
    • an old sock or dry erase eraser used to erase a whiteboard
    • Three large pink or white thick erasers( no pencil top erasers, please)
    • Two thin yellow  highlighters
    • Four black thick dry erase markers
    • a box of cube sized tissues (last names A-M)
    • a box of ziplock baggies, any size ( last names N-Z)
    • a healthy snack and nonspill water bottle (daily)
    • one black thin Sharpie marker
    • a pack of 3 by 5 index cards , unruled
    • headphones ( no ear buds) labeled in a large ziplock bag


    Material to have handy at home for homework:

    pencils, scissors, glue, erasers, crayons, dice, index cards

    Whole Class Donations ( Optional, Yet Greatly Appreciated)
      Large index cards ( unruled) , Lego donations , indoor recess games, Post It Notes, black or multicolored Sharpies
    Please help your child unwrap any packaging before school. You may bring the materials to the Meet and Greet or on the first day of school. I am grateful for your support. If you cannot find something, please let me know. 

    Some supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year!

    Thanks for Your Support!




Last Modified on August 18, 2022