• Higher Order Thinking: FDR vs. HooverHigher Order Thinking: FDR vs. Hoover

    Homework 1/25/10
    1. Visit the below website (Copy and Paste URL):  Survivor's Story of the Bataan Death March


    2. After reading the above account of a POW, view the below website (Copy and Paste the URL)
    ONLY READ ART. 3, 13, AND 20!!!!:


    This site explains the Geneva Convention of 1949. 
    Explain which actions by the Japanese in 1942 will establish a need for the protection of rights for POW's as depicted in the Geneva Convention of 1949.   
    READ ONLY Article 3, 13 AND 20. 
     Be specific in relation to the above first hand account of a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

    United States Healthcare Bill 3/21/10
    Go to the above site and answer the following questions:
    1.  If enacted, the reconciliation bill combined with the Senate-passed bill would, from 2010-2019 would create?
    2.  What were the biggest issues yesterday discussed at the House meeting
    3.  Do you agree on a Healthcare reform?  Be specific and concise.
    4/7/10 Jim Crow Laws
    Go to the above website and click on JIM CROW LAWS:
    1.  Define: what are Jim Crow Laws
    2.  Go to "each category" on the left and choose the state of ALABAMA for each.
    3.  Summarize the Jim Crow Law in Alabama for each category: education, micegenration, etc.
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