•      This is a letter and questionnaire to parents and guardians stating some of the objectives for the class and also some informative questions I would like to ask in order to know more about your child.  DO NOT feel obligated to print this page(s) out, it will be given to the students on the first day of class.
         This is a syllabus (course outline/expectations) for the students.  Likewise, this will be handed out on the first day of school.
         Here is a list of the essential questions that will be answered throughout the year.
    Pass the Torch of Unity to the Next Generation!
    United States Healthcare Bill 3/21/10
    Go to the above site and answer the following questions:
    1.  If enacted, the reconciliation bill combined with the Senate-passed bill would, from 2010-2019 would create?
    2.  What were the biggest issues yesterday discussed at the House meeting
    3.  Do you agree on a Healthcare reform?  Be specific and concise.
    3/24 Jim Crow Laws
    Go to the above website and click on JIM CROW LAWS:
    1.  Define: what are Jim Crow Laws
    2.  Go to "each category" on the left and choose the state of ALABAMA for each.
    3.  Summarize the Jim Crow Law in Alabama for each category: education, micegenration, etc.
Last Modified on March 24, 2010