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    Click Here for Interactive Science Games/Lessons including various science topics such as:
    ** a great tool for preparing for the 4th Grade Science PSSA test
    - properties of materials
    - positions and motions of objects
    - light, heat, electricity, and magnetism
    - properties and changes in matter
    - motion and forces
    - transfer of energy
    - structure of atoms
    - sturcuture and properties of matter
    - chemical reactions
    - conservation of energy
    - and more

    Magnets and Electricity 4m
    Useful Websites:

    Land and Water4m
    Included in this study:
                   - the various components of soil
                   - the water cycle
                   - the flow of water
                   - the slope of land
                   - various land forms
                   - parts of a stream 
    The following are useful websites dealing with the water cycle:

    Animal Studies:
    Includes: Dwarf African Frogs, Fiddler Crabs, and Millipedes

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