• Kindergarten Learning


    The ABC’s of Learning

    *Alphabet and sounds

    *Phonemic Awareness

    *Nursery Rhymes/Music


    *Building Words and Sentences

    *Word Families

    *And more…..

    Kid writing

    *Writing using pictures, sounds and words

    *Work from single letters, to a few letters to words and sentences.

    *Developmental approach

    *Stretch out the sounds

    *Free writing in journals

    *Shared writings

    *Writing Celebrations


    *Read Alouds

    *Shared reading

    *Guided reading/Literacy centers

    *Partner reading

    *Independent reading-Read the pictures, repetitive text, sight words

    Math-integrated with all subjects

    *Position words







    *Correct pencil grip

    *Top-down strokes

    *Practice each letter individually


    Morning\Afternoon Meeting


    *Getting along

    *Problem solving

    *Learning how to make choices

    Science and Social Studies

    *Intertwined with reading and writing program




Last Modified on July 6, 2018