Kindergarten Supply List 2022-23 


    1. labeled backpack that is manageable (not too small & not too big) and easy for a Kindergartener to use for an average size folder.  
    2. A small, healthy, daily snack (no nuts) and water bottle (labeled). 
    3. 2 boxes of #2 pencils sharpened.  
    4. 1 box of colored pencils. 
    5. 4 Elmer’s School thick glue sticks. 
    6. 2 boxes of 16 Crayola crayons (regular size, not thick). 
    7. 1 pack of skinny dry-erase markers (black or blue) and separate eraser
    8. 1 Large container of santizing wipes (used to wipe down desks/tables)-if your last name begins with A-M OR 1 box of tissues, if your last name begins with N-Z.  
    9. 1-Sturdy vinyl two-pocket folder (used for the Home & School Folder). Please label this with student's first and last name (PRINT). Please bring this the very first day of school. Thanks! 

     It may be easier to bring items #3-8 on the day of our Kindergarten Orientation/BTSN, August 25th.

    Thank you in advance!


          Mrs. Yorgey



















Last Modified on June 29, 2022