• Welcome to the Council Rock Music Department

    The Music Department offers an Evening Summer School program for interesting band and orchestra students in elementary and middle school during the month of July. Further information is available here


    Welcome to the Council Rock Music Department.  Council Rock offers music instruction to students from kindergarten through grade 12.  General music instruction begins in elementary school.  Every student in elementary school and middle school takes general music.  Chorus is offered in elementary schools for students in the upper grades.  A brochure describing Council Rock music programs is available here
    Instrumental music instruction begins in grade 3 for strings and grade 4 for winds and brass.  Student recruiting for lessons is held in the first week of school.  Lessons are homogenous small groups where students are pulled out of class.  A rotating schedule is used so that students do not miss the same class.
    Talented students in elementary school are selected for District Elementary groups.  These groups combine talented students from all 10 elementary schools.  Rehearsals for District Band and Orchestra are held before school, and District Chorus rehearsals are held in the evening.  Concerts are presented in some of the elementary schools and a large combined concert is held in March or April.
    Middle school performing groups include choruses, concert bands, jazz bands, and orchestras.  These groups rehearse during an activity period at the beginning of the school day.  Instrumental group lessons are offered as a pull out program.  Lessons are rotated so the students do not miss the same class each week.
    High School performing groups must be taken as a graded class.  Groups include Marching Band, Concert Band, String Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Choir, and Chorale.  Jazz Band is an after school activity and is open to students by audition only. Some groups like Marching Band have extensive after school and summer commitments, while other groups like Concert Band meet primarily during the school day. 
    Our high schools also offer courses in guitar, music technology, music theory, music arranging, musical theater, and music technology. 
    The full description of the courses is in the High School Program Planning Guide.

    Music instruction in Council Rock is standards based.  The following standards are used:
    1994 National Standards 

    Course offerings in Council Rock

    Assessment Rubrics
    Students in instrumental performance classes are assessed using these rubrics.

    District Listening List
    Students in Council Rock Elementary and Middle Schools will be listening to the following pieces.  Teachers will also add other pieces depending on the lesson unit.

    Core Competencies
    Students in grade 6 are expected to achieve the skills listed below.

    Music Web sites
    Each music teacher in Council Rock maintains a web site for their program. Teacher web sites can found under the Staff Tab for each school. High School web sites are also listed under the Clubs/Activities tab.

    Council Rock Music Staff by Building
    CRHS-North: Orchestra: Joshua Crooke, Choir: Jared Williams, Band: Wayne Bishop
    CRHS-South: Band: John Burns, Orchestra: Chris Simon, Choir: Corey Axler
    Holland Middle School: Band: Mitch Frank, Orchestra: Lauren Rudat, Choir: Lachele Vaughn
    Newtown Middle School: Band: Keith Rudat,Wayne Bishop; Orchestra: Joshua Crooke, Choir: Mark Dolan
    Richboro Middle School: Band: Scott Slutter, Orchestra: Ben Keller, Choir: Stephanie Benedict; General Music: Gary Papazian
    Churchville Elementary School: Band: Stephanie Derham, Orchestra: Sally Heller, Choir: Amanda Pfannenstiel
    Goodnoe Elementary School: Band: Stephanie Derham, Orchestra: Ben Keller, Choir: Christy Milliken, Kitty O'Connor
    Hillcrest Elementary School: Band: Deborah Grant, Orchestra: Lauren Rudat, Choir: Jessica Bishop
    Holland Elementary School: Band: Andrea Levin, Orchestra: Ben Keller, Choir: Nanette Lutz
    MM Welch Elementary School: Band: Emily McVoy, Orchestra: Sally Heller, Choir: Stephanie Benedict
    Newtown Elementary School: Band: Deborah Grant, Orchestra: Michelle Bovasso, Choir: Lauren Cerra, Lori Arner
    Richboro Elementary School: Band: Betty Hintenlang, Orchestra: Lauren Rudat, Choir: Kitty O'Connor
    Rolling Hills Elementary School: Band: Emily McVoy, Orchestra: Emily McVoy, Choir: Lauren Cerra
    Sol Feinstone Elementary School: Band: Andrea Levin, Orchestra: Michelle Bovasso, Choir: Lauren Leigh, Kitty O'Connor
    Wrightstown Elementary School: Band: Betty Hintenlang, Orchestra: Betty Hintenlang, Choir: Nanette Lutz

    News and Notes

    The Council Rock School District hosted a master class by the famed Broadway and Disney star Lea Solanga. She performed many of her famous songs and worked with elementary, middle school, and high school students on improving their performances.
    The Council Rock South Orchestra and South Vocal Ensemble have performed at the White House during the Holiday season for the last 4 years. They have been invited back each year because of the excellence of their performances.

    The Council Rock Music Department has been honored as one of the best in the United States by the National Association of Music Merchants for the last 6 years.
    Council Rock High School performing groups take a major trip once every 4 years. Past trips have been to China, Ireland, Spain, England, Scotland, France, Costa Rica, California, Hawaii, and Italy. In the 2014-15 school year, North Bands went to Spain, Italy, and France, and the South Orchestra went to Greece. In 2015-16, the South Band is travelled to Italy. 
    In 2016, the CR South Orchestra performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC!
    The CR North Orchestra will be traveling to Iceland in 2018.