Kindergarten General Supply List




    1.       A labeled school bag that is manageable (not too small and not too big) and easy for a kindergartener to use. Please do not get a school bag with wheels because the children will be going up and down the steps every day with their school bag.

    2.     One box of tissues.

    3.     One container of cleaning antibacterial wipes for us to use to wash our tables.

    4.     One container of liquid hand soap or one box of small Ziploc baggies.

    5.     1 pack of skinny washable markers

    6.     A pack of skinny glue sticks.


    **When you find out your teacher, you will label all of your supplies with K and your teacher’s last name initial. (ex. K-H)


    **Over the summer, you will receive a letter from your child’s teacher with more specific requests. 


    In advance, thank you!


    The Kindergarten Team

Last Modified on May 16, 2009