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    This resource is designed to help parents encourage their child to read.  Below are suggested resources that should be helpful to parents who find they have a reluctant reader living under their roof.  To turn that situation around without tears and frustration on the part of either the parent or child can be difficult, however, the classroom teacher, the school librarian, and the reading specialist all work towards supporting parents.  Please use this resource and call upon us when you find you need help.
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    Kids Reading List



    Suggested Reading List
    Books Available at the SFE Library

    Readers’ Advisory for Children and ‘Tweens

    by Penny Peck


    Written by a youth services librarian this book explains a multitude of terms associated with books and reading. The clear cut, easy to understand style of the book will help parents to learn the difference between an emergent reader and a transitional reader. The author provides plenty of book lists to help parents select books with their kids.


    Read-Aloud Handbook

    by Jim Trelease


    An essential element in reading aloud is what you choose to read.  This book offers suggested book titles and brief reviews to aid your read-aloud choices.  The list of books in this guide should not be considered exclusive.


    Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever

    by Mem Fox


    Inspiring words from literacy expert and bestselling author offers easy to understand, simple to follow plans for engaging your child in reading.  Fox offers multiple examples of true read aloud success stories.


    Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read

    by Diane W. Frankenstein


    The beginning of the book offers wonderful tips for encouraging your child to read and how to create a warm and inviting reading environment in your home. The bulk of the book offers a wide range of books to suggest to children. Each book title is accompanied with e two page spread offers a synopsis of the book, questions to ask of the reader and lists of additional complimentary books that the child may enjoy reading.


    Involving Parents in Their Children’s Reading Development

    by Bruce Johnson


    This book is an excellent resource for teachers and librarians interested in introducing parents to strategies to help their children learn to read and love to read. There are plenty of handouts and a CD packed with printable resource materials.