• About Mr. Kinkead

         I’m excited to be teaching fourth grade at Sol Feinstone.  If I could go back in time and pick any career to do in the world, I would chose to be a school teacher. I think it's interesting, fun and it makes me feel good when I help others.
        So far in my career I've taught sixth grade, second grade and was a math specialist. Lately, I've been teaching fourth grade for longer than my students have been alive. Lots of students think math is my favorite subject - and I do love it, but teaching reading is what I think I do best. I love reading and sharing good books. I like writing stories and reading the stories you'll write. In social studies, fourth graders learn all about Pennsylvania and the regions of America. If you loved science before, there are several interesting topics this year! We learn about animals, magnetism, electricity and land and water.
           To tell you about me, I love sports.  My favorites are football and basketball.   My other hobbies are reading, riding my bike and traveling. When my daughters were young, I spent a lot of time coaching them in soccer. Now they're grown up. Becky is married and lives in New Jersey. Katie lives on her own and works for PayPal. My youngest, Jackie, was living on her own until the pandemic started. Yay! She moved back home!
           That's some information about me. A fun part of our start to school will be for you to learn about your classmates. We're going to have a happy and friendly class. I look forward to meeting you and learning about you too!
    Your teacher,
    Mr. Kinkead