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    District Curriculum Coordinator for Social Studies




    Without history, a society shares no common memory of where it has been, what core values are respected, or how decisions of the past account for the present circumstances.


    The Council Rock Social Studies curriculum strives to integrate the social sciences in preparing students to become informed global citizens. Students analyze the change and continuity in the human condition through time and across cultures. Learning is promoted through skill integration designed to prepare students to function in a democratic society in a diverse interdependent world.


    The Social Studies curriculum at Council Rock will prepare the student to become an informed, discriminating citizen. It will prepare the student to become a citizen who will study the choices and decisions of the past and confront the problems and choices of today. The student will have a deeper understanding of the alternatives before them and the likely consequences of their choices by integrating the various aspects of history: government, diplomacy, economics, geography, art/music/literature, technology, and the social sciences. The student will be offered inquiry into the families, communities, states, nations, and various peoples of the world. The student will understand, demonstrate, and apply knowledge in order to detect bias, weigh evidence, and evaluate arguments.

    The curriculum is designed around essential questions which meet the National, Pennsylvania (www.pdesas.org), and Council Rock standards.  The essential questions address the need to inform, motivate, and involve the student in the world around them. 
    "We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors,
    and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experiences." ~George Washington