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    Welcome First Graders!
    Dear First Grade Families,

        I'm so excited to welcome you to D-3 this year!  First grade is a year of amazing growth and independence for your child.  They will be learning so many things both academically and socially.  I am always amazed in January at how much these little brains have already accomplished! 
        This is my 19th year here at Newtown Elementary and my 17th year as a first grade teacher.  I have a masters in reading, which I use constantly in a grade where so much reading development occurs!  In addition to reading, your child will be playing many math games, writing both fiction and non-fiction stories, and conducting some amazing science experiments.  We will certainly be busy!!
       I have two daughters, Caleigh (14) and Hannah (10).   Caleigh will be entering ninth grade this year near our home in the North Penn School District. Hannah is excited to be entering fifth grade this year. 
        You will also see Mrs. Suter's name on our classroom website. She is the special education teacher for kindergarten, first, and second grades this year. She will meet with small groups in our classroom and participate in occasional morning meetings. Since she is teaching 3 different grade levels, her participation in our daily lessons will be less.
       The start of our year will certainly not look like any of us expected or wanted, but we will make it work together! I anticipate that this year will show me yet another reason why I love first graders so much-their resiliency and ability to adapt to new situtations is something I try to emulate every day. I know that every family situation is unique, which means your needs are also unique. Some families want the main focus to be social/emotional learning, while others want to jump into academics right away. Some parents want more live lessons, while some parents want less. Communication will be the key to making a plan that is best for your child. Never hesitate to reach out to me with questions or concerns. We are a team! 


    Looking forward to a fabulous year!
    Mrs. Corey Johnson