• The Visual Arts in Council Rock
    Beth Lynch, Curriculum Coordinator
    The mission of the Visual Arts Education program in Council Rock is to provide our students with a comprehensive and innovative art program which fosters creativity and challenges our students to utilize 21st century skills.
    An art education is an integral part of a child's core curriculum in our district. Our Council Rock Art Department strives to provide our students with an education and opportunities that are exemplary. We are driven by our mission and continue to develop ways to integrate technology into our art lessons. Students learning and exploration in Visual art begin when they enter first grade. Lessons are sequential and each year builds upon skills and knowledge gained the year prior. The ultimate goal is to give our students the skills needed to succeed in a global community.
    We create our lessons revolving around the Visual Arts Priority Standards and Essential Learning Targets for each grade level. We are developing the child as Art Historian, Art Critic, Art Producer, and Aesthetician.  * As an Art Historian, students are interacting with an essential part of human history and being provided with a foundation for understanding the present as well as the future. Students are making important connections with culture, society, and themselves. * As an Art Critic, students are utilizing communication skills and critical thinking skills in both the written and verbal form. Students are developing a sense of possibility, transformation and change. * As an Art Producer, students are learning a variety of ways to express themselves. Students are gaining tools for making connections between intellect and emotion, tools for bringing meaning and beauty into our lives, and tools for solving problems and communicating ideas. * As an Aesthetician, students identify beliefs that drive their personal artistic creations as well as the creations of others. The links below provide important information about our Visual Arts Program.
    The arts provide our children with opportunities to practice problem solving, utlize creative thinking skills, and push the limits of their abilities. Our art classrooms are exciting and innovative!
    The 2018 Council Rock District Art Show will be held from May 10 - May 12, 2018 at Council Rock High School North.
    Please take a few minutes to gain a more in-depth understanding of the role the arts play in each of our schools. Each school picture will take you directly to the art webpage for that building!
    CR North  
    CRHS - North
    CRHS - South
    Holland Middle
    Newtown Middle
    Richboro Middle
    Churchville Elementary
    Goodnoe Elementary
    Hillcrest Elementary
    Holland Elementary
    Maureen M. Welch
    Newtown Elementary
    Richboro Elementary
    rolling hills  
    Rolling Hills Elementary
     sol feinstone
    Sol Feinstone


     The links below provide important information about our Visual Arts Program.

    "The Arts in CR"

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      National  Art Standards.