Using Study Island at Home




                Follow the instructions below to use the program:


    1.     Go to Richboro Elementary Home Page

           - Click On Parents

           - Program Links

           - Study Island


    2.     username:  crsdstudent ID number (no spaces)
            password:  crsdstudent ID number (no spaces)
    3.   On Left - click  PA Programs
          - Chose Math, ELA or Science

    4.     Choose a Topic.  The default setting is Test mode, but students may also select Game mode.


    5.     To pass a topic, a student must meet the passing requirements, which are based on a minimum number of questions answered (usually 10) and a minimum percentage correct (around 70%). A blue ribbon icon is displayed next to all passed topics.


    6.     Once a student passes all topics, he/she must pass the Post Test.

    Once the Post Test is completed, the student has completed the program