• Strategies to use before reading

    There are many different strategies readers use prior to reading, as they read, and after they read.  Listed below are a few strategies to practice and to help build better comprehension skills.


    Before reading I should:

    &    Look at the front and back cover of the book.

    &    Preview any pictures in the book.

    &    Make predictions about the book.

    o       What do I already know about this topic? 

    o       What do I want to know about this topic or type of book?

    o       Ask yourself, “What do I think this book is about?”

    o       Ask yourself, “What do I think will happen in this book?”

    &    Skim the first few pages of the book to see if there are vocabulary words you do not know.

    o       If you see words you do not know, read the sentence that the word is in.  Can you figure out the meaning of the word?

    o       If not, read the sentences before and after the sentence you just read with the unknown vocabulary word.  Then use the context clues to help you determine the meaning of the word.