• Accelerated Reader

    Fifth and sixth grade students have the option of participating in Holland"s Accelerated Reader program.  Students choose a book that is on Holland"s Accelerated Reader Booklist.  After reading the book students are able to take a short multiple choice quiz on the book and earn "points".  Accumulated points are then used to qualify for a class party at the end of each marking period.  Many students enjoy taking the tests and earn over and above the points needed for the parties.  Accelerated Reader awards are presented at the awards assembly in June of each year.  The top 25 point earners in each grade are recognized.  Click on the link below to see the list of books.  A reading level is indicated for each book and the number of points earned if the student gets all the questions correct.  Students and teachers can request that the library print a personal list of books within a particular range of reading levels.  You can also search for books using the library online catalog.  Do a power search using the subject  "Accelerated Reader" and an additional search term.   You will get a list of books we have in our library.


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