• American Heart Association

    The American Heart Association site features information about the importance of being physically active, eating right, and understanding how the heart works. The site also includes information about Jumpr Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart.

    Food Guide Pyramid Website

    This site provides all of the essential information for students to learn about healthy eating. My pyramid describes the food guide pyramid and all of its components, gives basic nutritional information about the foods we eat, and allows us to track our dietary patterns so we can make better nutritional decisions.

    Center For Disease Control

    The Center for Disease Control website features current information about health issues such as childhood obesity, nutrition, and physical activity

    Kids Health

    Kids Health provides up to date information about health and wellness topics that are related to kids. This is a great resource for parents and kids to learn more about these topics.

    ESPN Soccernet

    This site includes up to date information about the world of soccer

    Xavix Game System

    Interactive Fitness Video Games that we are using in Physical Education