• Dear  Families, 

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my third grade resource room class. I am truly looking forward to working with your child this year. Third grade promises to be an exciting year of growth for your child. I will look for your child to become more independent and blossom as a learner, as well as make positive peer relationships throughout the year.



    This year your child has been given the opportunity to be a student in a resource classroom. Here, the students will have the opportunity to work in a small group setting to best meet each child’s individual needs. It is an exciting opportunity for children, as each benefits from the increased individualized attention that the small setting will be able to provide. This classroom includes children of all abilities and focuses on each of their unique and special talents.  


    Through out the year, I will look for growth within your child in both academic and social areas. I believe that with a positive attitude, cooperative social skills, and a love of learning, nothing is impossible; no goal too great. I look forward to spending the next several months fostering a love of learning and sense of pride within your child.

    Mrs. Anderson