Useful Information



    1 As students arrive, they are to go directly to our classroom.  Please do not arrive before 8:50. 


    1 Check your child’s folder daily for information.  Also check the "Second Grade News" and our class website often.


    1 Practice shoe tying and zippering.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    1 We are a latex and peanut/nut free room.


    1 Transportation changes must be in writing. If last minute, please notify the office.

     1 If your child is absent, it is required that a note explaining the absence accompany your child upon their return. Emails are also acceptable.


    1 Birthdays: Please see our birthday celebration page to check out our birthday tradition! 

     1 We are not permitted to send home individual birthday invitations for your child's birthday party unless the whole class is invited.

     1 Please send in your box tops!! 1  We are always trying to earn extra money for our school!
    1 Remember to read and log every night!  It is the best way to achieve healthy reading habits and move ahead!  It is also part of your child's homework grade.
    1 There are numerous opportunities to challenge your child inside and outside of the classroom.  Please ask your child what is available if they finish their classwork early during the school day.  Also, check out the OPTIONAL project to work on outside of the classroom.  Don't forget that reading is always an option but above all, students need time to just be kids. Playing outside and time to be creative is equally as important and enriching.