Some Ways to Help Your Child at Home


    v Read aloud to your child. 

    v Have your child read to you.

    v Shared reading. You read a sentence. Your child reads a sentence.

    v Obtain a library card for your child and check out a book.

    v Measure objects and rooms in the house together.

    v Subscribe to child-oriented magazines. Read them together.

    v Create flash cards for your child’s particular needs: sight words, math facts, etc. Use flash cards in a variety of game activities.

    v Have your child follow a recipe, measure ingredients and prepare a dish.

    v Begin a story and have your child finish it.

    v Have your child figure change from the grocery or department store.

    v Encourage your child to write stories on a computer.

    v Write notes to your child. Place them around the house-on the bed, on the door, on the mirror, in a lunchbox.

    v Have your child write letters and thank-you notes to friends and relatives.