• Extra Credit requires EXTRA work. You have 5 ways to earn Extra Credit in Mr. Benson's class:
    I will not answer questions about extra credit unless you have printed out the extra assignment in question. This shows me that you are making an extra effort to improve your grade.
    1) To improve your grade on Quizzes, Tests, or Quests already taken:
    2) Memory Recitation of important American Documents. It must be performed after the first day of a Marking Period  and before Interim Day. It will not be accepted from Interim Day through the last day of the Marking Period.  
    3) This Extra Credit Assignment reguires some reading and writing. It must be turned in between the first day of a Marking Period to Interim Day. It will not be accepted from the day after Interim Day through the last day of the Marking Period.
    Strunk & White
    4) Current Events: When turning in Current Events, have one of your parent's or guardians sign it at the top with the statement, "We discussed this article."
    5) Obtain a bound, portable copy of the US Constitution from a State or Federal Representative. Part of the assignment is figuring out how to go about obtaining the copy. The Constitution must have printed on it somewhere the name of the elected official who provided it. When you receive it, bring it in to Mr. Benson to receive extra credit. Also, occassionaly, perhaps once a quarter, on different days for different classes, Mr. Benson may have a "do you have your copy of the Constitution with you today?" and then provide a special treat.
    Work Hard. Work Smart. Work Efficient.
    Hard Smart Efficient Work is rewarded.