AP World Summer Assignment

    Greetings Future Students:
    Due to the high volume of information we deal with in AP World History, it is vital that you get a jump start and complete a series of online modules. Follow directions for signup below. Do this work thoroughly and start the year off on the right foot! Remember, this information in this course is cumulative, so do this work to LEARN, not just to "get it done."
    Likewise, I am providing the opportunity to gain extra credit by reading a book that relates to this course and answering guided reading questions. See the attachments below for more information and have a wonderful summer!!
     Haiku/Power Learning Sign Up instructions:
    -Enter code:
    • KTBDF
    -Sign up with your real name 
    -To access site after you've signed up, go to  Miss Mallon AP World Haiku (this is also linked on my  main AP World page)
    Follow the instructions under the "Foundations" tab once you've entered the AP World site. Watch the online lectures, complete the reading, answer the corresponding questions, complete the comparative chart and terms all found on that page. Due first day of school! 
    There will be another set on online lectures and assignments due a week into the school year. I highly recommend you get a jump on this during the summer.
    You also have an opportunity to earn 40 points of extra credit. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! This book is not only extrememly helpful in introducing you to the course, but this is the only extra credit I offer and it is helpful to have this buffer to you can focus on LEARNING and not obsess over your grade. 
    Open the document below for Summer Assignment and Extra Credit instructions. 
    Email me with any questions: kmallon@crsd.org
Last Modified on June 9, 2020