Dear First Grade Parents,
           We recognize the significance of a birthday in a first grader's life and the desire children have to celebrate that special day in school. We would like to share with you a new birthday tradition at Newtown Elementary.
           In the past children celebrated birthdays by bringing a sweet snack for the class.  Since Newtown Elementary is a peanut-free school, we are asking that you don't send food of any type for your child's birthday.  Instead the birthday child is encouraged to"treat"the class to a"birthday book"(wrapped in paper if you wish) for the classroom library.  
        This book becomes a permanent part of the classroom library and the birthday child is recognized by a bookplate inside the cover.  The donated book can be a favorite of the birthday child or reflect a special interest.  If you only have one copy of the book and would like us to return it, please let me know and I can send it home with your child. 
             The First Grade Team feels that this alternative to sweets is not only meaningful and more healthful, but it also sends a message to children of the value of enjoying books and reading. 
         Thank you for helping create a tradition of lasting "food for thought" in the form of a book.
                                                   Thank you,
                                              Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Suter