• Cheers with motions


    Football Sidelines


     ·          Alright, Alright, Alright X Blue, Silver, White 

    ·          Blue Blue Go Blue XX XX 

    ·          We Are XX Rock North XX 

    ·          Rock X North XX Let’s Go 

    ·          Shout it out C R Let’s Go North X 

    ·          G – O Let’s Go North G-O Let’s Go X 

    ·          Get Ready for the Best / CR-N-HS 

    ·          Yell it / Louder Now, Let’s Go North

     ·          W-I-N Fight to Win 

    ·          Hustle Hustle Get on the Move, Come on North Go Big Blue 

    ·          Go You Mighty Indians 

    ·          Here We Go Rock North 

    ·          Blue, Silver, White Let’s XX Go X 

    ·          Go North, Fight North, Get Tough and Win 

    ·          Hey Blue, Hey White, Hey North Let’s Fight 

    ·          B-E-A-T Come on North Beat the ? 

    ·          Roll It Now Shake It / Victory Let’s Take It 

    ·          Go Fight Win North Go Fight Win 

    ·          Go Go G-O Let’s Go Let’s Go North 

    ·          G-O Yell It Go Go Go, Go North 

    ·          Go XX Go North GO XXX

     ·          Give me a G-G O-O Go North Go

     ·          N-OR-TH Let’s Go North 

    ·          Stomp & Scream for the Rock North Team 

    ·          Yell It Yell It Come on Let’s Go C-R-N 

    ·          Clap High XX Clap Low XX Come on North Go Blue Go 

    ·          F-IGHT Fight Indians Fight 

    ·          G-O, G-O Come on North Let’s Go 



    ·         T to the A to the K to the E Take that Ball Away XX 

    ·         Take it Away CR North Take it Away 

    ·         Hey / Hey Hey / Defense take it Away 

    ·         Defense Get Tough Get Tough, Defense Get Tough

     ·         Indians / Get Tough / Hold That Line

    ·         De-fense / De-fense / De-fense / Defense Hold Tight

    ·         Defense Hold’Em Defense Push’Em Defense Hold That Line

    ·         D-E-F-E-N-S-E Defense

    ·         Hold that Line Defense GO Silver and Blue 

    ·         ATT-ACK Attack X And Push’Em Back 

    ·         Hold’Em Defense Hold’Em / Defense Hold that Line

     ·         Defense Push’Em Back, Push’Em Back Push’Em Back Hold that Line 

    ·         Take It, Take It, Take that Ball Away 

    ·         Defense Defense 



    ·         SC-ORE Score Score Score XXX 

    ·         Touchdown North / Score Six More 

    ·         Touch D-O-W-N Touchdown Let’s Win

     ·         North Needs a Touchdown Hey Move That Ball

     ·         O-F-F-E-N-S-E Offense

     ·         Touchdown / Take it Over the Line / One More Time

     ·         T-OUCH  D-OWN

     ·         Hustle X North Move that Ball and Score


Last Modified on January 16, 2020