Updated: November 2, 2017


    Conferences are scheduled for November 20th, 21st, and 22nd. You can expect an opportunity to sign up for a conference. You will receive an email from your student’s team with available conference times and dates. Please note that not every family may need a conference at this time. However, the teams are happy to make themselves available even if it is outside of the regularly scheduled conference dates.


    The message of kindness is a theme across all of Council Rock and as such, all of the CRSD middle school students will be treated to an assembly. The organization, Think Kindness (https://thinkkindness.org/) will be visiting RMS on Thursday, November 30th. The 7th grade assembly will begin at 8:45 am and at 9:45, the 8th  grade students will enjoy the assembly.


    In staying with the kindness theme, the book Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, contains some very important messages that are relevant for middle school students. Some of our students have already read this book and those I have spoken with have given the book rave reviews.

    This link will take you to the Washington Post article: Why parents need to teach middle-schoolers kindness, from the author of ‘Wonder'. You may want to consider taking a glance at the article and sharing the book with your student. 


    There is still time to join the PTO. It is only $10 per family and all of the proceeds are used for RMS students. Please direct questions to the PTO President, Mrs. Molly Scheffey at scheffey@comcast.net.

    Please note: the PTO meeting scheduled for November 28th has been cancelled. Please plan to join us in on December 5th  at 9:30 am for the next RMS PTO meeting.


    Each month staff and students are filling the cafeteria walls with decade specific decorations. In October, students had the change to (kind of) visit the 1960’s. This month the walls will be decorated with 1970’s memorabilia. Students are invited wear their (or your) best ‘70s outfit and to join the staff on November 14th  for a 1970’s themed lunch.


    Recently RMS 8th grade students participated in the annual Historic Halloween Ball. Students were challenged to research people from the time of the Revolutionary using library books and the library databases. Students researched people such as Ester Reed, Deborah Sampson, George Washington, and Nathan Hale. To culminate the research project, students dressed in character, held a 15 minute conversation (in character), and ate foods consistent with the time period.


    Calling RMS student/staff volunteers. RMS is proud to announce another year of the “Extreme Home Rakeover”. Several years ago, Mr. Cunningham began this project. Since, we have partnered with the Richboro Senior Center, who provides us with seniors in the area who benefit from the hard work and generosity of our students. Last year we had nearly 100 student-volunteers rake the yards of senior citizens. This year will be extra special as Holland Middle School will be joining the efforts.

    The “Rakeover” will take place from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm on Sunday, November 12th. All students (RMS and HMS) will meet at RMS and board school busses.  The busses will transport students to houses of seniors.

    Please encourage students to participate in this service learning activity. Please see Mr. Cunningham with questions or email him at tcunningham@crsd.org.


    This year's RGK series incorporates film and discussion for two of the presentations for parents/teens to start the conversation around cyberbullying and teen anxiety. In October, bestselling author Dr. Michael J. Bradley delivers CRAZY-STRESSED for adults –saving today’s overwhelmed teens with love, laughter and the science of resilience. In January, parents and teens are highly encouraged to attend our COLLEGE 101 presentation together to plan for higher education. In February, Dr. Van Aken will share communication tools that parents, care givers and educators can use to help our children stay safe and healthy.   For more detailed information please view the attachment or the following here.  

    S.A.G.E. FEAST

    Happy Thanksgiving! On November 10th, members of the organization S.A.G.E. (Senior Adults for a Greater Education) will be treated to their annual RMS Thanksgiving Feast. RMS students will provide musical entertainment and serve the seniors the food that is prepared by the RMS cafeteria staff. Thank you to the S.A.G.E. members volunteer countless hours in Council Rock. Though their work varies, every cross-generational experience is beneficial.


    • November 1: Student Council Food Drive
    • November 2: Student Council Food Drive; 7th Field Hockey, Home, vs. Carl Sandburg (3:00PM); HW Football, Away, vs. Lenape (3:00PM)
    • November 3: Student Council Food Drive; 7th Boys Football, Away, vs. Charles Boehm (3:30PM)
    • November 6: Student Council Food
    • November 7: School Closed
    • November 8: Student Council Food Drive; LW Football, Away, vs. Maple Point Middle (3:00PM)
    • November 9: Student Council Food Drive; End of 1st MP; HW Football, Away, vs. Tohickon MS (3:30PM)
    • November 10: Student Council Food Drive; SAGE Feast (12:00N)
    • November 13: Student Council Food Drive
    • November 14: Student Council Food Drive; LW Football, Home, vs. Wm. Penn MS (3:30PM) November 15: Student Council Food Drive
    • November 16: Student Council Food Drive
    • November 17: Student Council Food Drive; 8th Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Newtown Middle November 20: Early Dismissal
    • November 21: Early Dismissal (Evening Conference); Pep Rally (10:00AM)
    • November 22: School Closed; Report Cards Open
    • November 23: School Closed
    • November 24: School Closed
    • November 28: 8th Girls Basketball, Away, vs. Klinger Middle  (3:30PM) November 29: 7th  Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Maple Point (3:30PM)
    • November 30: Think Kindness Assembly; 8th Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Tamanend (3:30PM)
    • December 1: 7th Girls Basketball, Away, vs. Newtown Middle (3:30PM)
    • December 5: Girls 7th Basketball, Away, vs. Poquessing MS (3:30PM); 8th Girls Basketball, Away, vs. Holicong MS (3:30PM)
    • December 7: Girls 8th Basketball, Home, vs. New Hope MS (3:30PM)
    • December 8: 8th Grade Field Trip (9:15AM)
    • December 11: Winter Concert (7:00PM); 8th Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Log College  (3:30PM) December 12: 7th  Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Holland MS (3:30PM)
    • December 13: 8th Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Lenape MS (3:30PM)
    • December 14: 6th Grade Humanities Author (12:00N); 7th Girls Basketball, Away, vs. Carl Sandburg MS (3:30PM)
    • December 15: Student Council Door Decorating; Girls Basketball, Away, vs. Unami MS (3:30PM) December 18: Student Council Door Decorating; 7th  Girls Basketball, Away, vs. Maple Point MS (3:30PM)
    • December 19: Student Council Door Decorating; 8th Girls Basketball, Away, vs. Tohickon MS (3:30PM)
    • December 20: Student Council Door Decorating; 7th Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Newtown Middle (3:30PM)
    • December 21: Student Council Door Decorating; 8th Girls Basketball, Home, vs. Maple Point MS (1:30PM) [all students attending]
    • December 22: Student Council Door Decorating; Buddy Club (8:15AM); RMS Talent Show (1:30PM)