6th Grade Math Overview

    Textbook: Glencoe Math Course 1 published by McGraw-Hill Education

    Book Website:  www.connectED.mcgraw-hill.com
    To access:
    Select the McGraw-Hill Education icon in your Google waffle menu. 
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    Course Overview: 
    Unit 1: Ratios and Proportional Relationship
    Chapter 1: Ratios and Proportional Reasoning
    Chapter 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
    Unit 2: The Number System
    Chapter 3: Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers
    Chapter 4: Multiply and Divide Fractions
    Chapter 5: Integers and the Coordinate Plane
    Unit 3: Expressions and Equations
    Chapter 6: Expressions
    Chapter 7: Equations
    Chapter 8: Functions and Inequalities
    Unit 4: Geometry
    Chapter 9: Area
    Chapter 10: Volume and Surface Area
    Unit 5: Statistics and Probability
    Chapter 11: Statistical Measures
    Chapter 12: Statistical Displays

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    2. Video Tutor-
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