General Information 2019-2020
    team DNA  

    7th grade Expectations

    Accept individual responsibility

    Complete all assignments on time

    Always put forth your best effort

    Cooperate with others

    Be organized

    Get involved

    Respect yourself and others

    Have fun while learning

    • Maintaining an accurate assignment book is crucial to completing homework.
    • Students are required to record their assignments in each class.
    • Students should NOT rely solely on the Internet for assignments.
    • Encourage your child to use the assignment book as a checklist to ensure that all homework is complete and packed up for the day.
     Student-teacher conferences
    • Student and teachers meet to discuss student progress. 
    • Conferences will be held after notifing parent.
    • Parents and teachers meet (as needed) to discuss student progress. Dates TBA
    • Conferences can be scheduled at any time during the school year. Contact Mrs. Gesualdi or Dr. Naragon.

    • Interim reports will be sent home with students on the following dates: TBA
    • Report cards will be sent home with students on: TBA
    • Current grades can also be viewed by logging into the Home Access Center.

    • The Team DNA website is updated daily with team homework and can be accessed from the district website. Please note that last minute changes to homework assignments may not be reflected on the website. As always, the best source of homework is the student assignment book.
    • This site serves as a companion to your student's assignment book.
    • Please contact Dr. Ann Naragon, Guidance Counselor, for general concerns about your child at 215-944-2622.
    • Please e-mail sgesualdi@crsd.org with any team concerns or questions. E-mail is the easiest way to reach the team.
    • If contacting by phone, please call 215-944-2600
    • Please contact the individual teacher directly if you have a specific concern.

    • Students should use the Team DNA website and call a study buddy when they are absent.
    • If a student is aware that an absence will be taking place, he or she should see the teachers prior to the absence for work that will be missed.
    • If your child has been absent for 3 days or more, please call the office to arrange for homework. Homework can be picked up 24 hours after the call.
    • A follow-up call to the office is advised to be sure there is work to be picked up.
    • Requests for excused absences due to family trips must be sent to the office by the parent in writing at least 10 days prior to the anticipated absence, so that students can obtain  work to keep current with class progress.
    Home Access Center

    Here’s how you do it:

    1)   Go onto the Newtown Middle School website

    2)  Click on “Home Access Center” icon at the bottom of the page

    3)  You’ll need to register and come up with a password

    4)  Once you are in, you can click on classwork on the left

    5)  Select the appropriate marking period and refresh view.

    6)  Once refreshed hit continue.

    You will now be able to see grades that are posted.  If you encounter any difficulties you may contact Home Access Center Support through HACSupport@CRSD.org or call (215) 944-1091.