• Reading Strategies
    * Give the child wait time - 5 to 10 seconds.  See what he or she attempts to figure out.
    *  Say "What could you try to help you figure out this word?".
    *  Ask "What would make sense there?".
    *  Ask the child to re-read and make sure it matches (check points).
    *  Skip over it and read to the end of the sentence and try something.
    *  Use the picture to help figure out the word.
    *  Go back and get your mouth ready for the tricky word.
    *  Put in a word that would make sense there and try it.
    *  See if it looks like a word you know.
    Ask "Does that sound right?".
    Ask "Does that look right?".
    *  See if there is any part in the word you may know.
    After using a few of these prompts, just tell the child the word.  Then ask them to go back to the start of the sentence to see if the word you have given them makes sense.