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    10 Ways to Make Reading Fun!
    1. Have your child read the story to you and then let him or her give you a quiz about the book's characters, plot and setting.
    2. Allow your child to paint or draw a scene from the story and then write a summary.
    3. Read the story together in a funny place (example: a living room blanket fort).
    4. Read the story to your child in different voices.
    5. Tape yourself or other family members reading a favorite story. Allow your child to follow along with the tape.
    6. Give your child a sticker chart. Add a sticker for every 10 minutes your child reads. When he or she fills the chart, give them a small reward.
    7. Write your own story for your child to read. Allow him or her to create illustrations for your story.
    8. Create a story together about your family. Use photographs to add a personal touch to your story.
    9. Read the story together. Then, look for words from the story in other print (magazines, cereal boxes, newspapers, etc.). Go on a word scavenger hunt. You could even make charts with the words the, and, there, & go. See who can find the most words!
    10. Take a Road Trip! Visit your local library or book store for discovering new books.  Also, inquire about scheduled events that promote literacy.