Links and Instructions: Quia / Textbook



    Textbooks  : 

    United States History Beginnings to 1877, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, USA, 2007.

    To use the ONLINE textbook, follow the directions below:

    • Click on this link:
    • Common username:  nstudent1050
    • Common password:   nmsstudent
    • Go to 'Go to online Textbook' (a link on the rights side of the page)
    • At top left, click on the drop-down menu: 'Book Pages'
      Here you may use a drop down to chose a chapter or input the page number at center.
    • Under Resources an audio text is available


    Do NOT use the below until directed by MR. Benson
    I am shifting from Quia/Holt to Google Classroom/Nat Geo American Stories.

    To set up student access for American Stories, National Geographic

    National Geographic:

    Username: Council Rock Student ID [ex: 1234567]

    Password: CR + Council Rock Student ID [ex: CR123467]

    Click on "Launch Course" then on the Magnifying Glass and search for assigned page #.

    For homework, check my calendar and your Google Classroom.

    US History