• Council Rock School District Social Work Services

    Stephanie Warshaw, LSW, MSW, HSV (215) 944-1351 swarshaw@crsd.org

    Council Rock High School North, Newtown Middle School, and

    Newtown, Goodnoe, Hillcrest, Sol Feinstone, and Wrightstown Elementary Schools


    What do Social Workers do in Schools?

    School Social Workers provide services to students, families and communities, in order to help students attain maximum benefits from the educational setting.  The primary role of the Social Worker is to identify and assess student needs through case management services and make referrals to service providers within the school setting and community.


    What Needs and Problems of Students Are Addressed?


    Child Abuse/Neglect

    Mental Health Issues

    Academic Concerns


    Substance Abuse

    Social Concerns



    Home/Family Concerns

    Juvenile Probation

    Inadequate Health Care


    Low Income Support

    Behavior Concerns

    Gender Identity Issues

    Who Refers to School Social Workers?

    Guidance Counselors

    Juvenile Probation


    District Justice




    Other Students


    Community Members


    What Services do School Social Workers Provide?

    Home visits

    Case management

    Referrals to community agencies for additional resources

    Support services for students/families

    Community outreach

    Liaison between school, home and community resources

    What Else do School Social Workers Do?

    Attend Parent/Teacher/Counselor meetings
    Member of the CARES team

    Member of the Child Study Team

    Act as Juvenile Probation Department’s main school contact

    School Representative for Truancy Hearings

    Attend Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth meetings

    School representative for other community resources


Last Modified on February 29, 2016