• Wordle Directions


    Open a Word Document

    1.      Go to Start

    2.      Programs

    3.      Microsoft Office

    4.      Microsoft Word

    5.      Under File

    6.      Click Save as

    7.      Name Document

    8.      Type words that have to do with your topic

    9.      Type important words more often (this will make the word appear larger in Wordle)

    a.      For example: the name of your sport list 10 times

    10.  Type a tilde (~) between words that go together. For example, jump~serve

    11.  Highlight all of your sport words and click Control C


    Open Wordle

    1.      Go to www.wordle.net

    2.      Click on Create

    3.      Place your cursor in the box that states, “Paste in a bunch of text”

    4.      Click Control V

    5.      Click on the Go button

    6.      The program will randomly create a Wordle for you.

    7.      Click Randomize to see your Wordle appear differently.

    8.      You can edit the Wordle:

    a.      To change the text, click on Font

    b.      Under Layout, you can experiment with the layout of your words

    c.       Under Color, you can experiment with the color of your words

                                                                  i.      Your background must be white to print

    9.      To print, click on the Print button

    10.  Click OK

    Saving a Wordle Document


    1.      On your keyboard, click Print Screen

    2.      Go to Start

    3.      Click Programs

    4.      Click Accessories

    5.      Open Paint

    6.      Click Control V

    7.      Click on the rectangle symbol

    8.      Highlight area to copy

    9.      Click Control C

    10.  Go to Start

    11.  Programs

    12.  Open Microsoft Office

    13.  Open Power Point

    14.  Paste into New document

    15.  Click File

    16.  Click Save