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    The purpose of the Ericom Remote Access is to provide a secure method by which students and teachers can connect to the district resources while not at school. This provides a way to access documents left on the Hdrive or to create files on a network shared drive

      Staff and students have the ability to access the Ericom Remote Access from home.

    Access is not guaranteed due to the variables which we have no control over on individual home computers.

    Some users may not be successful depending on the firewall configuration and antivirus security settings which are in place on a home computer.
    Prior to contacting Council Rock technical support, please make sure that you have followed the directions below for your operating system. The first question you will be asked, should you open a ticket, is during which part of these instructions you encountered an error.

    Please Follow directions below if the auto install did not work 
    Windows 10 Systems will require JAVA before Client install  http://https://java.com/en/download/ 
     Supported Systems
    Windows 10     windows7


    General Information


    Troubleshooting Tips