• You and your child will have access to various programs during the year.  These programs are a valuable resource and will aid in reinforcement and enrichment opportunities.  Please use the links below to access those programs.
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    First in Math is an amazing program that students can play in their free time.  It is a great way to enrich and reinforce skills learned in school.  Please click the above link to play and play often! :)  Enjoy!
    User ID:  Student ID #
    Password:  math(followed by your magic #)
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    The Journeys program is our daily language arts curriculum.  Use the log-in information and directions below to enter the site.  The Journeys site is another great way to reinforce, practice and enrich what is being learned in the classroom. 
     Username: cr!studentID Password: Crsd!studentID




    Class Code: khh4202

     Epic Reading - This resource is incredible.  However, at this time, can only be used during school hours 


    Google Classroom
    This is the resource we will use most often during our Distance Learning time together.    Please try to use the Chrome Browser with opening.  Below are the steps to help you log in.
    1. Open the Chrome Browser
    2. Visit www.google.com
    3. Click “sign in” button at top right (If blue sign in button is not visible, click on waffle and click on Google Drive to locate sign in button)
      1. Student email/user name:  studentid#@student.crsd.org
      2. Password: Spring2020
    4. Click next
    5. Click on waffle
    6. Click on Google Classroom icon
    Brain Pop Jr
    This is a resource that we will use that can be found within Google Classroom.  Therefore, make sure you follow the steps above for logging into Google Classroom first.  Then, follow the steps below.
    1. Click on Google Classroom and click our class name
    2. Click the “waffle” in the top right
    3. Scroll down until you see the Brain Pop logo and click on that
    4. Then click on the drop down arrow on the top left and click on Annie