As leaders in educational excellence and in partnership with the community, Council Rock Elementary Schools are committed to fostering a positive learning environment in every school. All schools implement a proactive approach to student behavior by teaching and modeling appropriate student conduct to ensure a safe, nurturing, and supportive learning environment allowing students to grow and succeed

    • We believe children are our most important assets.
    • We believe that students should respect themselves, others and property.
    • We believe a supportive learning environment maximizes student potential.
    • We believe that the education of children is a shared responsibility.
    •  We believe high expectations lead to high achievement.
    • We believe personal commitment is essential for success.
    • We believe all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

    Council Rock School District expects that the vast majority of students make good choices and respect both public property and personal property, as well as the rights of others.  Instances of misbehavior will be addressed in a prompt manner to ensure limited disruption to the school environment. All children are unique, therefore responses to misbehavior will aim to differentiate according to the situation. A school’s response could be in the form of one or more of the following: verbal warning, loss of privileges, teacher-pupil conferences, parent-teacher conferences, detention, suspension or expulsion from school.

    Elementary Students in Council Rock Schools will let learners learn and teachers teach by:

    • Following all school rules
    • Respecting themselves, others and property
    • Working cooperatively
    • Taking responsibility for their own actions
    • Acting mannerly and politely
    • Being safe

    Each school holds the above to be true while implementing its own unique positive approach to student behavior. To view a school’s Code of Conduct, visit websites linked below:

    Churchville Elementary School
    Goodnoe Elementary School 
    Hillcrest Elementary School 
    Holland Elementary School 
    Maureen M. Welch Elementary School
    Newtown Elementary School  
    Richboro Elementary Shcool 
    Rolling Hills Elementary School 
    Sol Feinstone Elementary School 
    Wrightstown Elementary School

    All Codes of Conduct are in compliance with School Board Policies.  To view the policy on discipline, click the link below: