Ideas for Earth Week

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    E-Waste Information

    E-Waste Recycling

    Fall & Spring dates TBD

    9am to 1pm, CR South

    Drop off site located at

    Council Rock High School South

    2002 Rock Way, Holland, PA 18966

    For additional information please call:

    1-877-DATA-ZAP (1-877-328-2927)

    Scan and Like us on Facebook for the most up to date information

    Or visit our website at


    Some FUN, quick videos, possibly for your Morning Meeting discussion or Science bridge during Earth Week!


    Monday Music video with 3 R’s… (6:50 min.)


    Tuesday’s Business News…9 year old entrepreneur who owns Ryan’s Recycling…(3:40 min.)


    Wednesday’s Starfish Story…(2:15 min.)


    Thursday: Plastic Pollution… (9 min.)


    ‘Good’all Friday’s Jane Goodall’s Ted Talk with Guy (20 min.)


     Suggested Earth Week Activities

    A Week Long Activity
      • Have students graph their consumption Monday through Thursday of Eart Week. Click here to make an electronic graph.
      • Use the trash chart for students to take home and fill in the amount of trash they use each day (ex: plastic water bottles, candy wrappers, plastic bags, brown bags, juice boxes etc). Click here for a copy of the chart.
      • Compile the class data at the end of the week and use a concrete visual of all the space the trash would fill. Click here for lesson plan.


      Monday- Create your classroom or individual Earth Week Pledge p
      • Click here for blank Pledge forms
      • Click here for blank Lorax Pledge forms
      • Click here for Lorax Pledge Poster
      • Click here for sample Pledges


      Tuesday- Reduce Your Carbon Footprint1


       Wednesday- Black Out Day   
      • Use minimal lighting or no lighting where possible from 9:30 AM-10:30 AM
      • Replace your disposable water bottle with a reusable one                      w
        •    Click here for Water Disaster PowerPoint Presentation


      Thursday- Make today truly paperless, use online tools f

      • Click here for some paperless ideas and resources.
      Friday- Celebrate The  Lorax   l
      •  Read the story and try some suggested Earth Week activities



      Suggested Activities for the Classroom or EAC Groups

      1. Collection Jars for endangered species over lunches. Have 4 or 5 jars with a picture of an endangered animal on it. Ask students to cast their vote by contributing spare change to the animal of their choice. The winning animal at the end of Earth week gets all of the monies and is adopted by the school. This can be done through the Philadelphia Zoo. Usually the zoo will send a picture of the adopted animal which could be hung in the school’s lobby.
        • Click here for the Philadelphia Zoo Adopt An Animal website
      2. Plant a Tree - donated once again from Feeney’s nursery. (email with questions)
      3. Free Seedlings/Saplings-Seedling choices are silky dogwood or white pine, and a teacher’s guide comes with the seedlings.
        • Orders will be accepted until April 1st. For more information, visit the Game Commission’s website and click on “Seedlings for Schools” icon in the center of the homepage.
      4. “Dirty Sock” Contest-The upper grades could hold a “Dirty Sock” contest. This contest demonstrates how auto emissions affect air quality. The event is held in a parking lot. Each contestant places a clean white sock over his or her car’s exhaust and runs the engine for 30 seconds. The contestant with the dirtiest sock wins.
      5. Herb/ Butterfly Garden- Have students plant a community herb/butterfly garden.
      • Click here for a "How-To-Guide" to create your garden


Last Modified on April 11, 2019