Council Rock North has a chapter of the NJCL Latin Honor Society.  The requirements for induction are:

    - Maintain an A average in the Latin course
    - Be a member of the National Junior Classical League (participation and paid membership in Latin Club fulfills this requirement)
    - Exemplify good citizenship
    New members are invited to be inducted into this organization in the spring of their second year of Latin. 
    Continued membership in Latin Honor Society requires a yearly commitment of three culture credits (four if not enrolled in a Latin class), three service credits, and maintenance of academic performance. Inducted members must meet these requirements each year to be a member in good standing at graduation. Information on credits is provided to members at the beginning of each school year and updated throughout the year.
     Information on the National Junior Classical League LHS can be found here: http://njcl.org/pages/LatinHonorSociety