Please click on the link below for the Baby Picture form for the Class of 2024. 

    Baby Picture Form Class of 2024-  make check to CR South Yearbook Student Activites account

    If you would like to know if we received your picture, please use your cancelled check as your receipt. 

    Due date: May 26, 2023
    Please send your picture to:
    Yearbook Staff
    2002 Rock Way
    Holland, PA 18966
    Reminders when submitting your photo:
    • The photo must be of good quality- it must be a lab printed photo! No color copies or home printing as the quality will be too blurry 
    • The photo CANNOT be scanned
    • Mounted on an index card with the student’s name & Class of 2024 on the back
    • Be sure to complete the message when you submit the photo
    • Include the check for $15 (made payable to CRS Yearbook Student Activities Account) 
    * The size of the picture does not matter, the publisher scans the photos
    Sample former messages:
    Congratulations! Dream Big! You have come a long way. Focus on excellence and operate with the highest integrity and you will make us even more proud.
    Love, Mom and Dad
    We are so proud of the young woman you have become! Don't EVER change. Follow your dreams because your future is bright!
    Love Always!
    May life continue to take you on an amazing journey filled with love, laughter and many blessings.
    Believe in yourself and follow your dreams.
    We love you!