• Fourth Grade Animal Studies Unit
    Council Rock School District's Course Description:

    In this unit, students will explore the relationship between an animal and its habitat, as well as some of the ways animal behaviorists study animals.  Through their experiences, students will understand how and why animals adapt in certain ways to their environments. The learners will also be responsible for feeding the animals, maintaining their habitats, and ensuring their survival. They will understand that everything in an animal’s habitat – other animals, plants, climate, water, air, and location – affect the life of that animal. The students will conduct research on the animals through close observation and experimentation over an extended period of time. Through this research, the learners will discover the specific needs, behaviors and body structures the animals need in order to survive in a particular habitat. Finally, the students will learn that humans are the only animal that can significantly change their behaviors and habitats to survive in a variety of locations.

    African Dwarf Frog Additional Information