• Math
    Our class will be using the Glencoe Math program for the 2022-2023 school year.  This program is based on the PA Common Core curriculum and has many exciting features.   
    Here is a breakdown of topics and standards by marking period:
    First Marking Period
    Chapter 6:  Expressions  
    Chapter 7:  Equations
    Chapter 8:  Functions and Inequalities
    Standard: Equations and Expressions  
    Second Marking Period  
    Chapter 9: Area  
    Chapter 10: Volume and Surface Area
    Chapter 11:  Statistical Measures
    Standards: Geometry & Statistics and Probability
    Third Marking Period  
    Chapter 12:  Statistical Displays  
    Chapter 1:  Ratios and Rates
    Chapter 2:  Fractions, Decimals and Percents
    Standards: Statistics and Probability & Ratios and Proportions 
    Fourth Marking Period  
    Chapter 3:  Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers  
    Chapter 4:  Multiply and Divide Fractions

    Chapter 5:  Integers and the Coordinate Plane
    Standard: Number Sense
    To access your online book and the Glencoe Math website:

    1. You must be logged into your CR Google account.

    2. Access the “Waffle Menu” at the top, right.

    3. Scroll down until you reach “McGraw Hill Education.” Click on it.

    4. Choose “Course 1.”