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    Magntism and Electricity Vocabulary Review Games:
    Magnetism and Electricity .
    Included in this study:
                   - permanent magnetism
                   - electrical circuits
                   - electromagnetism
                   - Observation and comparison of electrical and magnetic
                   - Organization of observations as graphs
    Helpful Websites:

      Mystery Powders 
    -Students will be working on serveral experiments and will use problem solving to discover serveral different powders

        Land and Water
    Included in this study:
                   - the various components of soil
                   - the water cycle
                   - the flow of water
                   - the slope of land
                   - various land forms
                   - parts of a stream 
    The following are useful websites dealing with the water cycle:

    Animal Studies:See full size image
    Included in this study:
    - Learning about what animals need to survive
    - The primary parts of their anatomical structures
    - The ways in which they are suited for life in a
                                  particular environment
                               - Observation and caring for animals 
    Animals Include: African Dwarf Frogs, Fiddler Crabs, and Millipedes

        Think Green:
    Visit the Environmental Kids Club Online and Learn About How To Take Care Of Our Earth!

    Other Science Resources:
    (This is the Website that Coordinates with our Magnetism and Electricity Unit)
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