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    Dear Students,  
    Welcome to third grade! I am so thrilled to be your teacher this year. We are going to be learning many exciting things together. Third grade is the best!  The first week of school, we will be spending a lot of time getting to know one another. 
    This will be my 20th year teaching at Goodnoe Elementary School. I LOVE learning and working with children which is why I decided to become a teacher. I am a proud Council Rock North graduate! I grew up in this area, and I'm so happy to be able to work in the same school district where I went to school. I went to college at the University of Maryland. I truly enjoy being at Goodnoe everyday with my students and fellow teachers. 
    I have a wonderful family.  My husband and I have two daughters.  My older daughter Ella is nine and a half, and my younger daughter Juliette just turned six. They both have VERY curly hair just like I do. I enjoyed spending a lot of time with them this summer. We went to the beach, visited with friends, and had fun at our neighborhood pool. Ella is excited that she is starting fourth grade this year and Juliette is off to first. I can't wait to hear about the fun adventures all of you had this summer.     
    Please check out the supplies section of the website. It would be very helpful to have all of the supplies by the first day of school. If you can, please use a Sharpie to NEATLY label your supplies with your first and last name. I will be providing labels with the subject areas for your folders. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I hope to see you at our August 29th Meet and Greet.  Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. Thank you!                                              
    Mrs. Jones
    Here are five facts about me. Four are true and one is False. Try to figure out which one is false. I'll ask for your guess on the first day of school!
    1. I spent a summer traveling through Australia
    2. Fall is my favorite season.
    3. I live in Newtown.
    4. I love seafood.
    5. I've gone skydiving.