345     Rm. 20 PARENT Letter!
    August 2022
    Dear Parents!

    Greetings from your child’s 5th grade teacher – Mrs. Lenicky!  I am very excited to begin a new school year and feel fortunate to have your child among the students I will teach – and from whom I will learn.  As is my tradition, I write to ask for your help in forming a partnership between your home and our classroom.   While your child shares my classroom for only one year, it is my hope that 5th grade will be a year your child remembers fondly.  

    The most important aspect of my teaching is making your child feel at home in our classroom and helping all children come together into a respectful learning community made up of individuals – each with his or her own learning style, interests, personal history, hopes and dreams.  Therefore, I am asking you to help me learn more about your child.  Please take a few valuable minutes to write a brief statement about your son or daughter and email it to me at <alenicky@crsd.org>.  (For those that prefer to have a more structured response, I will also email a parent questionnaire and have paper copies available on Back-to-School Night.)
    I am interested in learning all about your child.  For instance, what are your child’s interests?  What type of personality does he or she have?  I want to know how your child thinks and plays.  Also, please include how you view your child as a learner, a reader/writer, and a person.   What are the things you know about your child that would be important for me to know (academically, socially, family history, etc.)  Please include the hopes and dreams you have for your child this year, along with any other information you feel would help me to connect with your child educationally and personally.  I want to make 5th grade your child's best year yet!
    I look forward to getting to know you and your child & anticipate a year filled with learning and fun!  Should you have questions or concerns, you may contact me at Hillcrest Elementary at (215) 944-1644 or via email at <alenicky@crsd.org>.  You or your child may also call me on my cell phone at anytime during the year at 610-299-1740, especially if it is urgent.
    Please see the tab on our class page to my UPDATED supply list on the class home page. There are some specific supplies that are different from the general 5th grade supply list posted on the HCE and 5th grade webpages in June, so please view it.  In hopes of ever improving, I may send home notes adding some supplies as we go along.  Please remember, my goal is to continue your child’s success.  We will work a great deal this year on responsibility and organizational skills to prepare your child for the transition to sixth grade and beyond!  The use of these specific supplies will help support this effort.
     If purchasing this or any supplies poses a financial burden, please let me know and I will try to assist you.  I want all students to be successful and will do what I can to partner with you to make this happen.
    Thank you for your support!  Here's to a great year TOGETHER!
     Anne Lenicky
    P.S.  If you would like to volunteer your time and talents in our classroom, please email me with your area of interest or let me know in your letter.  I will also have an interest sheet out during Back-to-School Night.