We love celebrating birthdays in Room 6!
    It is not necessary to send birthday treats.
    However, if you do decide to send treats, please send only non-edible treats. 

    (Small trinkets such as pencils, stickers, etc.)
    Looking forward to your special day! 


    From our Parent/Student Handbook:
    In the past, the most common food items that have been offered by parents for birthday celebrations have been the high-sugar, low nutrition type (i.e. donut holes, cupcakes, etc.).  As a result, over the course of the year our students consume a relatively high number of these treats for birthdays and other occasions.  Unintentionally, these food items have sometimes come in from various parents in the same homeroom, on the same day, resulting in an overabundance of treats. Therefore, to support a healthy lifestyle for all our students and accommodate students’ medical and food allergy needs,
    Hillcrest will ONLY celebrate birthdays in non-food ways.  
    Another option is to commemorate your child’s birthday with the purchase of a Celebration Book, a program coordinated through our PTO.  The program offers the opportunity to purchase a book in your child’s honor for our library collection.   
    Finally, in the interest of the instructional time and the reasons stated above, we do not allow the distribution of birthday treats with students in other homerooms or staff members other than the child’s own teacher(s).  Celebrations will take place during snack time.  To ensure maximum instructional time, parents are discouraged from attending.  Birthday treats will be accepted in the Main Office and the teacher will be notified upon arrival. Birthday celebrations will last no longer than 15 minutes (snack time).
    We thank you, in advance, for your compliance with this policy.  Please note:  any food birthday treats sent in with students for distribution will be sent back home.  We need to ensure that we are consistent with this policy and therefore exceptions will not be considered.
    Many hurt feelings have been encountered when students issue party invitations to children at school. For a child, not receiving an invitation is a learning experience; however teasing by the other children often hurts the uninvited. To prevent this unfortunate circumstance, please issue invitations outside of the school setting.





Last Modified on August 11, 2022