Dear Parents or Guardians,



    Newtown Elementary is a “PEANUT/NUT SMART” school. During lunch periods, our cafeteria is “peanut/nut smart”. We no longer offer peanut butter as a lunch option.  Students are permitted to bring their own peanut butter/nut butter sandwiches from home.  For our students with peanut/nut allergies, there is a “peanut/nut” free table available at each lunch period. Their friends may join them at this table ONLY IF THEIR LUNCHES DO NOT CONTAIN ANY FOOD WITH PEANUTS OR NUTS.  Our recess/cafeteria staff will closely monitor this table to make sure that it remains a peanut/nut free area.

    Due to the close proximity of students to each other in the classroom, changing rooms for specials, and visitations by “buddy classes”, we maintain a policy of NO PEANUTS OR NUTS IN OUR CLASSROOMS FOR SNACKS OR PARTIES. This is for the protection of our students with food allergies. Our school wide and PTO events that include food are also to be PEANUT/NUT FREE to provide a safe environment for all of our students.