1st Grade Supply List
     Welcome to first grade! I am so excited to be your teacher this year! We will learn many new things and have a ton of fun this year too!
    Below is a list of supplies you will need this year. 
    Individual Items 
    ~1 marble composition notebook (labeled with your child's name)
    ~2 pencil boxes (hard plastic with a flip lid)
    ~ 2 durable plastic folders with bottom pockets (1 red/1 yellow)
    ~1 old sock to use as a white board eraser 
    ~1 set of headphones in a labeled plastic bag for chrome books
    Shared Items *(Place these items in the bins in the front of the classroom)*
    ~1 package of baby wipes to clean desks (scented please!)
    ~1 family size box of tissues
    ~hand sanitizer
    ~GIRLS:1 box of Ziploc bags (gallon OR sandwich, please)
    ~BOYS: 1 roll of paper towels
    *If you are able to find a bottle of hand sanitizer to donate to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated!